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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  August 31, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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thanks for joining us for this special one-hour edition of nbc bay area news. we're on tonight instead of nightly news because of college football earlier. we begin with an update on the situation in syria. president obama surprised some people today when he announced he will seek the approval of congress before authorizing a military strike. nbc's ahmed mohyeldin has the latest. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the syrian opposition has come out and reacted to president obama's decision to delay a possible strike on syria and raise the issue with members of congress. he described it as a surprise and said that it would not deter president assad from killing innocent syrian civilians. more importantly he said
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president obama had the moral obligation and responsibility to protect syrian lives, something he now has failed to do. so there's certainly a lot of criticism that is coming out of the syrian opposition. some are worried that obama's decision to not pursue a military operation against the syrian regime may embolden president assad to escalate and continue his military operations. nonetheless the team on the ground of u.n. inspectors there gathering and determining what happened on august 21st involving a possible chemical weapons attack have now left syria. they're now in europe, expected to give samples to various laboratories before presenting findings in the unit nations. certainly among those countries in the region who were very anxious and nervous about a possible strike, tonight there are many breathing a sigh of relief. that this region in syria is not going to see a wider conflict. still many people disturbed and very much angered by the haunting images of syrian
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civilians suffering at the hands of this bloody krifl war. ahmed mohyeldin, nbc news, beirut. today marks the 16th anniversary of the death of diana princess of wales. she died from injuries she sustained during a car crash in paris. princess diana and her boyfriend were being pursued by photographers. the driver also died. her untimely death at 36 years of age sparked an outpouring of public grief. she is remembered for humanitarian work and transforming the british royal family. a south african presidential spokesman claims nelson mandela remains hospitalized. sources close to the family say he returned home after a long hospital stay. a close family member say there had been a miscommunication between a mandela medical team member and a family member. he is still in the hospital.
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>> he is still in the hospital from pre tear yeah and remains in critical and stable condition. at times his condition becomes unstable but he responds to medical interventions. >> he was admitted to the hospital on june 8th for a recurring lung infection. here in the bay area a lyric from a famous song claims a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. did you know a song could be good medicine in and of itself? staff members at stanford medical center discovered this by accident. garvin thomas has more. >> reporter: every two weeks at the stanford cancer center, maureen cowelly has a standing appointment to sit for three hours or however long it takes
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that day for her chemotherapy drugs to go from bag to body and get to work getting rid of whatever may be left of her breast cancer. maureen's been doing it for three months now, passing the time with friends, family or tv, just waiting for it all to be over which it will be once this very last bag is empty. >> hey, nurses, can you meet me by bonnie's desk. >> once chris tucker and the other nurses in the infusion treatment area have had their say or should we say the songs. ♪ the chemo's done and we're so excited for you, hey now, hey now, the chemo's done ♪ >> reporter: for the past few years any patient who wants it and many do get their own singing sendoff from the nursing staff. it began, chris says, three or four years ago with a patient having a real rough go of her treatment. one day she said to us, i can't
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wait for this to be done. when i'm done, would you guys sing for me? so we said sure, having no idea what in the world we would do. >> reporter: with that request a tradition among the staff was born. chris says they'll sometimes sing the song twice a day. the lighthearted moments helping the staff deal with a job that can be rather intense. still over the years chris has come to realize their song does a lot more. >> okay. this is for you. here we go. >> reporter: this musical bow at the end of chemotherapy goes a long way to rehumanizing what can often be a dehuman nizing experience. a reminder that in the end patients and nurses are all on the same team. and with this little song, two verses long, 15 seconds in all, they get to celebrate a win. and if all goes. >> you guys have been great.
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>> reporter: -- never see each other again. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> love that. we're singing back here. >> you're a very good dancer. >> thank you. coming up next at 5:00, auto pilot is supposed to make flying safer, right? we investigate if it's backfiring because pilots are becoming perhaps too reliant on it. next saturday the america's cup finals get under way. still plenty of action as sailing's young guns get the report. more coming up.
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it's been nearly two months since the asiana crash at sfo. while the official federal investigation remains open, we sent our investigative unit for answers. we discovered experts inside the aviation industry have been quietly warning about. >> federal investigators admit
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they're reviewing it to see if it played a role in the crash. nbc bay area reporter kevin scott has the story. >> reporter: from high-speed jets to old-fashioned planes, 36.5 million airplanes take to the u.s. skies every year and flying has never been safer. experts credit computers for that. >> automation allows you to think about higher level things involved with the flight rather than just the basic stick and rudder skills. >> for a decade ken maples has been teaching pilots at trade winds flight school. >> what i like to tell people is automation allows you to become a manager rather than an individual participant. >> reporter: as safe as that has been flying, some researchers have discovered there's a dangerous downside to overreliance on automation in the dock pick.
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this study by boeing found the leading cause of death on commercial airlines was loss of control in flight, 80 accidents, nearly 14500 people killed. nasa found in about half of those accidents inappropriate crew response and interaction with the plane's equipment played a role in the crashes. >> we're in the commit phase. >> reporter: that's why these guys do what they do. >> flying head strong is something we see more with computized cockpits. >> reporter: these researchers are wrapping up the first year of a three-year study funded by nasa to explore the pre size interaction between pilots and automation in the cockpit. >> as you spend the next eight hours going transoceanic, you're all but an observer, you're a supervisor of the automation. you lose touch of the stick and rutter skills that a pilot may have had. >> everybody had a glitch with
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their car where they thought the cruise control was off and they realize, hey it's still on. now make it tep times as complicated. that's what automation in the flight deck looks. every once in a while it will catch you in a way you didn't anticipate. >> reporter: we followed along for these days as these sciencists hooked up veteran pilots into monitors to track breathing, brain waves and reactions as those pilots flew various flight deck simulations over long periods of time. researchers track pilot eye movements across a jet's automation display. their reaction times during long boring stretches of flight. >> are pilots becoming too overreliant on automation these days? >> i believe it's fair to say they do in the air transport world. >> this 2006 study from the airline pilot's association found, quote, a pilot's proficiency in the art of basic flying seems to fim finish from portion natalie as automation
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proficiency is acquired. >> if you're not balancing the use of automation and also the use of solid flying skills that can sometimes create challenges. >> reporter: captain sean cassidy is the coordinator for the pilot's association. >> if you're taking a passive role and allowing the aircraft to handle the automation, that can sometimes end in disaster. >> investigators say pilot confusion over automation in the cockpit played a role in other crashes, corporathis air france into the atlantic ocean off the coast of brazil. no one survived either crash. >> asiana 214, emergency vehicles are respond. >> reporter: investigators are looking into the role that it played in the asiana crash. the pilots told the ntsb they thought the auto throttle was
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engaged and didn't check airspeed for 26 seconds after the plane dropped below the minimum speed required to land safely. >> you have to be prepared to manually take over that flight. we need to be prepared for that. any training in that direction is a good. >> again, that was steven stock reporting. for more on steven's investigation, you can go to and click on investigations and then steven's story. you'll see a slideshow that takes you inside the university of iowa's research facility. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call us at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to
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high-tech health care is bringing hope to patients while
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boosting the fortunes of silicon valley companies. >> hospitals are buying morrow bots than ever before. our business and tech reporter scott budman spent time with one of those robots. >> reporter: that's the sound and this is the machine changing the way we fight cancer, the cyber knight, sales rising as hospitals turn to high-tech radiation treatments and ak queue ray ceo tells us spay shents start to expect medical devices like the cyber knife in hospitals, focusing a precision lays zer beam to target and eliminate a tumor. >> what that does is it translates into better clinical benefit for the patient. they can be treated more rapidly. they have less side effects as a result. >> the cyber knife and is its companion products called
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tomotherapy have boosted product ors ders by 30%. hospitals want the new technology and with health care changes on the way, they'll serve more patients. >> we actually have installations now on every continent in almost every country which is really interesting because the challenges we have in the u.s. health care, they also have in all the other countries of the world. >> reporter: even with the cyber knife costing as much as $7 billion, the benefits are sending more of these to a hospital near you. >> again, that was scott budman reporting. >> right now -- meteorologist rob mayeda. >> that's right. >> hi, there. >> the weather is looking pretty good to kickoff labor day weekend so far. we have temperatures running cooler than yesterday's highs. it hit the mid 90s inland. 87 in livermore, 88 in fairfield, 65 in san francisco, 80 in san jose and it's really
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the return of the sea breeze which helped to drop our temperatures down. still warm around fairfield. still seeing 86 degrees there. now 76 in san jose and 60s over towards oakland. for the a's game and over towards berkeley with the cal bears kicking off their football season, a cool evening if the sea breeze is getting into livermore and fairfield, southwest winds up to 20 miles per hour. some interesting weather headed our way, not what you typically expect for the first couple days of september when you see a chance of mountaintop showers, perhaps and a slight risk of thundershowers especially towards the sierra. this will continue into monday and the second half of the week, if you like 490s, you'll like the second half of the seven-day forecast. still clear skies in san jose, but the interesting thing is, if you're in the south bay right now and look off towards the east, we've got mid-level moisture out of the south, one
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of the two components we'll watch tomorrow as factors come together that could bring us a few isolated showers especially late in the day tomorrow into monday. tropical moisture already coming up out of the south and the trough off to the west approaching the coast will add extra lift to the atmosphere. this will bring in not only just some clouds, but possibly late in the day tomorrow, east bay hills, south bay hills, perhaps toward the north bay could see an isolated shower or two even into early monday. watching the forecast as we get into tuesday morning as the bay bridge is expected to open at that time, the weather should not be much of a factor, just patches of low clouds by the time we get into tuesday morning. >> increasing high clouds out of the south. 50s and 60s for tomorrow morning. highs for your sunday close to what we had today. near 80 in san jose, mid to upper 80s inland. 70s around fremont and hayward. oakland, 75 for your sunday. 67 in san francisco and low 80s around the north bay. we'll be watching this probably
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starting tomorrow night into monday, a slight risk of the isolated showers. cooler temperatures to kickoff the first few days of the week. then the second half of the week, that's when the temperatures climb back up. we'll see mid 90s as we approach friday and move into the full week of september. looks good warming up. >> that is my kind of summer forecast. thank you, rob. >> we'll be right back.
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here is a live look right now at the bay bridge which is, of course, in case you haven't heard, it is shut down tonight. but as you can see, there's still activity going on. you can see cars going back and forth. crews are busy getting the eastern span of the bridge ready to be open by tuesday morning at 5:00. today caltrans officials gave us an update saying they are on schedule. it's possible the new eastern span could open earlier than
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tuesday morning. so far everything seems to be going on as planned. we have a crew on the bay bridge right now. we'll have those pictures and information in the next half hour at 6:00. many people have creative ways to get around the closure. some are better than others. before last night's game against the a's tampa bay's starter david price decided to take a cab from his san francisco hotel to the ball park in oakland. while his teammates paid the fair for b.a.r.t., he dropped $200 on the cab ride. unclear whether he went through marin or the san mateo bridge. the rest of the night didn't go much better for price. the a's beat the rays, 4-3. america's cup finals are just over a week away. as our lauren scott explains, plenty of sailing action on the bay in the days ahead with the red bull youth america's gup. the young guns have been given wings on their own catamarans. >> with oracle team usa set to face emirates team new zealand in the america's cup final
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saturday, september 7th, the sum never of racing turns attention to sailing's next wave with sunday's start to the red bull youth america cup. ten teams commandeering ac 45s, the same used during last year's america's cup on the bay. >> all the other teams are really talented sailors. there are a few really good teams from around the world. >> each team has strong individual tall lnt. there's olympic medalists in the field. the ac 45s are demanding. >> teams consist of six sailors between the ages of 19 to 24, all representing their country through a national rule. they're ready to show their stuff knowing this is the pathway to perhaps being on board a boat in the pursuit of the america's cup. as for now they seek the title that will be won on wednesday, september 4.
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a few days later oracle team usa and team new zealand take to the course. i'm lawrence scott. >> important news for you. the first annual san jose bacon festival of america is happening right now. it will go on until o 10:00 tonight featuring bacon cooking competition, bacon beauty panel into, bacon parade and bake khan games and i'm assuming a whole lot of food involving bacon. the event is being held at the san jose flea market. >> we expect almost 10,000 people here today at the flea market. >> i'm here because i want to pin the bacon on my own waistline. >> this is actually really fabulous.
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>> nicely done. >> thanks for watching. we'll be back in a couple minutes with more local news. unbelievable.
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the bay bridge toll plaza absolutely empty except for that long line of construction trucks you see right there. good evening, everybody. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm diane dwyer. bay bridge construction is right on schedule according to caltrans this evening, and that is good news for the tuesday morning commute. let's take a live look at traffic around the bay area right now. on your left the san mateo bridge. on your right the golden gate bridge. traffic is a little slow going, especially on the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge looks good right there. it's all because of the detours in place because of the bay bridge closure. taking a look at our traffic map you can see the worst of


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